Want to change your Microsoft account settings
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If you do not have any idea about the process to bring changes to your Microsoft account and what it is,, then this article is perfect for you.

This article will provide you with all details on how to carry out Microsoft account settings changes.

Know about assist users in changing the Microsoft account settings quickly. In Microsoft, there is one famous game known as Minecraft. Children often love to play this game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox live.

It is required to make some changes in your Microsoft account so that children will not get access to any of the adult content while playing their favorite game.

Besides gaming and with file maintenance and other important connected devices, Microsoft has ways for highly operational internet use through which everyone can carry out some of the easy tasks efficiently and with high accessibility.

In this article, you will get all information on the configuration of your Microsoft account settings in your preferred devices, along with making changes in your account. has always maintained all online safety settings along with some of the security steps so that your account is accessible only to you and is not settled anywhere else.

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How can you use for Xbox?

Xbox Live and Xbox 360 have upgraded several security and other privacy measures to ensure that kids do not have access to any adult content.

These suitable age preferences and settings have to alter manually by following some of the specific steps.

Steps to get access to change Microsoft account for Xbox.

Get access to required changes in settings and all privacy controls by opening the Xbox settings panel.

At first, open the official site of the Xbox at

Then select Privacy and safety options.

Here you will get access to change all your privacy settings.

You will have to log in to your Microsoft account by entering all correct login credentials and then click continue.

Then you will be forwarded to a new screen where you are required to select the account you require to get access to the setting.

Once you have selected, click on the option of Xbox online safety.

It is essential to do double-check and review all changes that you have made.

Now look for the submit button and then click on it. This saves all your changes done in Microsoft account.

You also have the right to disable extra internet browsing for the kid’s account. and privacy.

One of the easiest ways to get a login to any app or device is through your Microsoft account. With this, all your settings get synced with the new device or app. You will know more have to fill so much data.

With a single Microsoft account, everything gets sync very quickly. In cases where you want to update photos of your Microsoft account and other information in all of your devices, a single Microsoft account will do the work.

It involves more chances of getting immediate access to customization and other rapid changes. Therefore, all of your installed applications are pretty safe, and it follows all security standards included in the Microsoft account.

Get access to this control through device settings, click on the accounts button, and make all needed changes.

In this way, every personal information and software and apps in all devices will remain interconnected. not working? Here’s what you need to do.

At first, check the Minecraft version that you are making use of in any non-beta version.

Maximum Minecraft realms are for the non-beta version of Minecraft.

In some cases, the antivirus software and the device firewall comes in between and does not allow to open the Minecraft game. Ensure none of these is interfering in between.

Or else exit and Minecraft game and again start with an upgraded model.

Check whether or not your router is getting a solid internet connection or not as a poor network can also cause some problems.

You can also make configuration of your router and set up with NAT. It is good if you opt for an internet connection with Ethernet instead of the basic Wi-FI. You can restart again to make it work fast.

Another option is checking your backup data. Visit the backup menu that is located in settings.

Wrapping it up,

So, this was all about how to bring changes in your Microsoft account settings through