UltiPro Software – 24 Incredible Features of Cloud Based HCM Application

UltiPro is regarded as one of the leading factors in the Human Capital Management (HCM) application. The software comes with a combination of labor and time management, talent, payroll, compensation, and different HR modules that can easily connect individuals to data and resources needed so that they can effectively carry out the task properly.

The main role of software, is for managing people. It has numerous roles like HR director, supervisor, executive, HR manager, payroll professional, hiring manager, and CFO.

Lets have a look their Features in-depth

1) Human Resource

UltiPro helps in connecting the employees with the information and resources so that they can work more effectively.

This software even helps in managing people, reducing paperwork, recruiting the right person at the right job, compensation management, on-boarding, succession management, and performance management.

It even helps in increasing productivity, engagement, and collaboration across the organization.

2) Global HCM

in this software comprehensively covers the HR, talent, and payroll worldwide. This even helps in keeping the workforce motivated and engaged, enhances employee experiences which never depends upon the location they are located.

Tracks all the human capital management information about the employees. Employment history, including personal information, performance history, benefits information, and many more.

3) Payroll

for a company, payroll is one of the most important business processes. UltiPro helps in handling hundreds of payroll-related computations without any side calculation or going through expensive programming.

Even It helps in configure your payroll models. The software is flexible, can enough to fit in any business, and simple enough to understand and manage the payroll with any problem.

4) Benefits admiration

with the help of UltiPro software you can automate the open enrollment process online and can even reduce the expenses and the time of traditional benefits administration.

This even helps in matching the benefits that you want to offer to your employees. It benefits prime a modern and intuitive benefits shopping experience for the entire workforce.

5) Recruiting

Here the software helps in focusing on getting a potential employee during the process of recruiting so that you can find the right person at the right time at the right job.

This even helps in providing a personalized, and engaging experience to the candidates.

6) On boarding

this makes a huge impact on the employee’s future in an organization. It helps in collaborating technology that helps your new employee connecting to your company in such a way that is personal and impactful.

UltiPro can be used from any smartphone, or tablet where a new hire can start completing the tasks from anywhere before the first day.

7) Employee file management

UltiPro helps HR of a company to actively manage all the employee documents, compliance, improving security, and productivity. There is no need for crashing down the paper document or even searching across multiple systems.

This helps in managing the file simple and convenient for the HR to manage all the employee files with the ability to access, create, delete, or even share files at any time from anywhere.

8) Performance Management

for every organization, it’s very important to the active success and remains competitive for this the organization needs to hire, develop, and retain top talents in the organization.

The UltiPro enables you to understand your employee’s competencies, reduce the gap, and even plan for the future workforce needs.

9) Succession Management

UltiPro helps in finding, tracking, and comparing individuals to identify and evaluate potential successor for specific roles. This even helps in defining the career aspirations and even develop a readiness to step into the leadership position. Evaluate talent factors like performance, leadership potential, and promotability.

10) Career Development

You can even assist the employees in getting the knowledge, skills, and qualification for a required role. UltiPro encourages the employee to take a direct hand in their career advancement.

This even helps in identifying an individual’s opportunities, and strengths. Encourages, and helps employees to set their own career goals, self-assess, and add development actions to their growth.

11) Learning

With the help of UltiPro learning software you can provide employees with on-demand content, consumable, collaborative tools, and social tools with complete mobile access.

This even builds the perfect learning strategy for the organization, while reaching all the employees most effectively. In this, you can develop new content and even convert existing content into online courses.

12) Workforce Management

UltiPro can help in empowering the people to easily perform tasks in time and inefficient way, this can help in leaving more time for completing work and even increasing productivity.

It enables employees to submit their view schedules, availability, enter time-off requests, and swap shifts.

13) Touchscreen Time Clock

UltiPro comes with touch-based which is even very easy to use, labor-data collection platform, touchscreen-based time clock solution, and employee self-service device. It helps in collecting better time data, and even improves communication.

14) Standard Time Clock

UltiPro helps in solving the time capturing for people, for more accurate data collection they even upload employees’ punches in real-time.

The timing of in and out of the organization is supported by barcode, employee fingerprint, proximity badges, and magnetic strip.

15) Employee Surveys and Sentiment Analysis

The software comes with mobile-friendly, distribute sleek employee engagement surveys. It even helps in uncovering not only what employees are saying but also find out what they truly think about the leadership and workplace.

The data that is analyzed and provided, is more accurate than human accuracy. Even open all the important strengths and areas to improve and work on.

16) Business Intelligence

UltiPro comes with a cloud-based solution so that it can manage all the areas of the people management and even offers some of the intelligence tools for business and helps in making an informed decision.

By using powerful visualization displays data in real-time. by automatic email notification, they alert leaders if there is any problem in the organization.

17) Predictive Analytics Tools

It helps in finding out the highest performers by using an unbiased approach. By using an algorithm that can help in forecasting an employee intend to work or leave the company within the best 1 year.

18) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The ultimate platform of AI enables UltiPro to understand automatically and also predict as well as prescribe personalized actions. This is built on machine learning and language processing. The actions are basically from the solution and are the HCM data. This enables any organization in understanding people as well as the change in drive

19) Mobile App

Meeting the needs of today’s workforce and obtain the objective can be difficult and challenging. With the help of this software, employees can increase productivity and even engagement throughout the organization.

Their official Apps-

  • iOS –
  • Android –

20) Integration Hub

without starting from scratch you can easily incorporate with another business system with the help of UltiPro. You can even get additional support from the software.

21) Compliance

You can easily comply with the employment regulatory, HR payroll by UltiPro. You can also record the key information for the government compliance, analysis and reporting in Canada and united states.

22) UltiPro Dashboard

This helps in improving communication by sharing all the important company information and news with the entire global workforce. Even delivers quick access to reporting across all areas of HCM, and real-time business intelligence.

23) System Administration

The software can easily configure to need your unique processes and business needs. It helps in configuring the content and look, which even includes, links of the website, company logo, and many more.

24) Additional UltiPro service

for transforming your workforce you always need a leading HCM technology but you even need people and service behind it. the ultimate software comes with the different rage of specialized service to help the organization grow and transform.

If you are from HR OR company Head then you have clear picture that how ultipro will help your organization.