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A Florida-based transportation service company, Landstar Load Board provides 3rd party logistics services. In this article, we will guide you through ways on how to do the Landstar Load Board Login.

Apart from it, we will also learn about the registration process, the features and benefits of their online portal.

About Landstar System 

Founded in 1968, Landstar is specialized in logistics and offers services mainly in the US and to a lesser extent in Canada, Mexico, and other countries as well.

This company allows the brokers of business capacity operators to choose their matching freight online. Unlike other truckload companies, this does not force dispatch. So, if you have more than 15 trucks in your fleet you can easily set up Landstar.

How to be a part of the Landstar?

To be a part of the Landstar operator, you need to meet their requirement as follows;

  • A sum of $100,000 coverage
  • The insurance provider must be rated B+ or more
  • An auto liability cover of $1,000,000
  • Once it is done, the team will get back to you within two to three business days.
  • The members of their online board are allowed to manage load alerts, search for the loads, etc. But to qualify for account members must meet their requirements.

Landstar Load Board Login Online

This portal is developed for the carriers of their group, so their member can benefit from it. Members are allowed to log in at their official website using the given ID and password. You can access their features after signing in to the account.

Users can also download the Landstar app to log in to their accounts. After setting up an account, you can access and view the service under one roof. Check out this guide on the login steps.

The portal is user–friendly and safe to use. It is very helpful for both the employees and the employer as well. This system was developed to lessen the cost of generating and delivering pay stubs.

It also saves more time more and cuts down their staff’s queries about paychecks, salary, job, etc.

How to Login into Landstar Board Online?

Landstar Load Board Login

To access their online portal, The steps are as follow;

  • Copy official website URL and paste to your favorite browser
  • Enter the login credentials User ID and password
  • Click on the Login button to login successfully.

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How to Register for an account at Landstaronline?

To access the website, you will have to create an account. Follow the below steps to register-

Landstar Load Board Registration step 1

Click on the land start online official website at

Now click on the “Create Account” button

You will now be directed to a self – registration webpage.

Landstar Load Board Self Registration step 2

Enter the basic details asked like as name, User ID, contact details, etc

Now set up a security question

Click on the “Submit” button to register an account online.

Landstaronline account can also be accessed from your smartphone from their respective Appstore. The application is available for both Android and iOS users.

Landstar load board – How to log in from your mobile?

For Android Users

landstar load android app

If you are an Android user, then follow these simple steps;

  • Open Playstore and search for Landstar connect application
  • Now install the application on your device
  • Login to your account with credentials
  • Now click the “Submit” button
  • If you don’t have login details, then you will have to register first

For iOS users 

landstar connect iOS app

iOS users then do the following;

  • Search for Landstar connect in your Appstore
  • Now install the application
  • Fill in the required details like email ID and password
  • Now click “Submit”

Landstar Load Board – Forgot Password and Troubleshooting Steps

It is common for a human brain to forget the password. In such a case, if you don’t remember your password to log in to your Landstar Load board then you will have to restore or reset the password.

Forgot Landstar Online Login Password?

land start load board forgot password

  • To visit the Landstar Load Board page, simply click here
  • Just below the Create an account button, you will see an option “Forgot Password”
  • Now click on the password reset link option
  • You will be directed to a new page
  • Now click “OK” to retrieve password.


If you are facing issues even after resetting your password to log in to your account. Consider following the below-mentioned steps.;

  • Check your connectivity
  • Update your browser
  • Checking the cookies
  • Clear the cookies if needed

If you are still facing issues after troubleshooting, then contact their customer service center.

Customer Care 

You can contact their helpdesk to resolve your issues with the login.