in – A Division of Ultimate Software Company is a software and is on a mission to make the difficult job of HR easier. The software comes with solutions that even includes case management, employee file management, and process automation.

It helps in combining the existing HR system which can be implemented within 8 to 12 weeks. It somehow works different than UltiPro Software.

An HR shared service center (HRSSC) should come up with a direct positive impact on your service delivery which can also bring benefits to your yield.

3 Benefits that You can Expect from HRSSC

#1 Save Money

when you are planning to move HR to a shared service model then it is an investment. But you can realize some of the significant gains inefficiency. This is one of the best reasons why organizations make this investment to start with.

With the help of this, you can even able to automate processes, centralize information, and even reduce manual tasks. It means that it can even reduce the time and resources for resolving a request.

This helps in saving time otherwise they will spend on redundant and manual tasks which can even enable the HR team to spend more time and money on value-adding work, and strategy which can even help in increasing the Return on Investment (ROI).

#2 Improve Accuracy and Consistency

HR houses many roles, functions, and support a variety of employee profiles which even means that employee can get answers to the different questions depending on who they talk and when.

They come up with a sharing of a service model where there is a centralization of content so that every HR rep has access to have the same up-to-date information and can even answer employees consistently. This also helps in solving the requests faster.

#3 Foster a Better Employee Experience

one of the direct effects of improved HR efficiency such as better service delivery. Consistent content, automated processes, and faster service thus mean that the employees are addressing quickly and the questions of employees are also addressing.

This type of high-quality service brings employees to have positive interaction with HR, potential frustration, and reducing lag time.

Fostering positive interaction between the HR, and employees which helps in between employee experience across the organization.

The solution that’s HR service comes with:

It is mainly designed to simplify complex operations and improve compliance. Below are some of the solution which can make enjoy their experience with HR.

  • Employee Case Management and Knowledge-base: the HR of any organization spends a lot of time just to reply to some simple questions which is under the generation of employees who expect almost instantaneous responses? An employee’s knowledge base and the case management solution empower employees to find out all the HR information.
  • HR Process Automation: employee lifecycle events such as onboarding, internal transfers, or tuition reimbursement can even vary which mainly depends upon employee role, type, or location. All this can make things difficult for HR to streamline, and standardize global processes while complying with all the local requirements.
  • Employee File Management: now the HR people don’t have to take care of the paper at all. PeopleDoc’s employee file management makes it very simple for HR to manage documents compliantly, and efficiently. Create, access, store, share, sign, and delete employee files in one secure place.
  • Advanced analytics: how much time is needed when the employee takes to sign a contract and what are the categories required are received most frequently.

Type of customers’s deal with:

  • Higher education
  • Internet
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Human resource
  • Finance
  • Food and retail
  • Mining and metals
  • Real estate
  • Software
  • Environmental services
  • Professional services
  • Leisure, travel, and tourism
  • Cosmetics
  • Biotechnology

Services that People-Doc come with:

People-Doc helps the customer to get success. The software helps in organizing mainly all the things from kick-off meetings even using all applications.

They make sure that your organization gets the best results and gets constant value from there solution.

  1. Implementation: the strength of the implementation team depends not only on the industry knowledge and experience but also on the technical expertise.
  2. Having an idea about process work in the industry of HR, the addressing of the implementation team for people side will ensure a successful project
  3. Learning I/O: when an organization is using PeopleDoc for the first time and they are facing any problem and need help. Then the learning I/O team is always there to help in adopting and satisfaction.
  4. Standard care: as per there knowledge base and customer community they come up with on-demand support. There is some agent who is always there to help you. They even take a hyper care approach for the first three days and advise you to grow your business.
  5. Customer success service: best managers starts working with you to understand your business requirements and even use defend cases to deliver continuous value to your organization.
  6. HR Compliance Assist: the software helps in free up work and time, speed digital adoption, mitigate compliance risks, and stress less.

Ultimate Software company always help to medium to large scale organization to make their work easier by offering various software.