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This can be one of the first steps in building a great culture, and workplace which helps in motivating retains and engaging the employees. It helps in understanding what they want and care about.

Perception by Ultimate software helps in the modern way of organizing to understand and collect employee feedback. Then analyzing emotions and unstructured data.

The best portfolio for technology involving AI is under Xander®. AI stands for artificial intelligence and perception gives off actionable workforce as well as real-time

  • Collect and Measure feedback: with the help of this software, you can easily analyze employee input, survey your workforce, which even includes open-ended text. In this way, you can find out the effectiveness, and engagement of managers, and individual teams.
  • Analyze Unstructured Data: it is mainly the design of all the natural language with machine-learning technology. This even includes industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology and survey construction expertise. This helps in going beyond the traditional sentiments for revealing the true emotion by using unstructured data and persecution analysis.
  • Gaining real-time insight: What your employee’s verdict along with their personalized view, you can always do the right thing. This right thing will basically hell you in having a meaningful impact on the retention, performance, and culture at your organization

About Perception by ultimate software

Employees are one of the important assets of any successful organization. Ultimate software always believes in putting people first as always.

The company has an award-winning technology, culture, and service. Having a rank of 25 in Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for in 2012. And even got an award for the best workplace in technology three years in the row in Fortune’s first.

Company’s establishment was in Weston, Florida in the year 1990. The company helps thousands of companies and respects the diversity of the industries and even managing millions of people all over the world. To know the employees better and even the company they go through survey solutions helps the company of all size and perception.

Latest Resources

  • Product info sheet: one of the first thing which essential is to make the workplace culture great. It can even retain, motivate, and engages the employees what they care about the most.
    This software comes with a modern way of understanding and collecting feedback from the employee from a common survey. This helps the business to know the employees’ point of view and improve the organization if required.
  • Whitepaper: this helps in getting all the information about what employees think. The conversion of open-ended text into measurable signals can help in turbo-charging workforce analytics.
  • Expert insights: this helps in discovering future technology helps in improving the employee experience. The future of HR is transforming through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Nowadays most of the organizations are having AI technology. Which helps in supporting engagement, and productivity in the workplace.

The customers they deal with?

SPS companies are having leverages perception for powering surveys on different topics of the workplace which include engagement, benefits, development of leadership and many others.

The ability to receive insights from survey feedback and real-time analysis helps in quickly taking action. This also helps in aligning their culture with the needs of employees.