How to Record Desktop Screen Using YouTube?

how to record desktop screen using YouTube

In this article we are going to talk about how to record desktop screen using YouTube.

Screen casting is pretty easy, and you can simply download a third-party software and hit the record button and a video of your PC screen is made.

This recording of your Desktop could be used anywhere, but did you know that recording PC Screen using YouTube is also possible.

This doesn’t require any third-party app or software. You Just need a YouTube account for this and you are good to go.

By using this feature, you can easily upload videos on YouTube directly.

Follow the below guide to learn recording your PC screen with YouTube.

Steps to Record Desktop Screen Using YouTube?

1) The first step is to sign into YouTube using your Google account. (For this having a Google account is necessary, so if you don’t have one, make sure to create one)

2) Now click on the upload option after signing into YouTube. (If you are using YouTube for the first time then it might ask for verification.)

3) Next you have to go to the Create Event Page. Here you will have to fill in details about the screen cast.

4) Now Enable Live Streaming after filling the details.

5) Next you will have to visit the Air Page or Hangout Page.

6) Now turn off the camera option by click on the icon, and this will automatically turn off the webcam.

7) Next click on the screenshare button situated in the left toolbox.

8) Now click on the Start Broadcast option, to start recording the screen.

Note: This is a private session, and nobody else will be able to watch your broadcast while it is being recorded.

9) After the recording is complete, simply press the Stop Broadcast button and switch to the YouTube website.

10) You will be able to see your screencast video on the YouTube dashboard.

The option of downloading it and saving on Google Drive is also available.

The recorded video can be found in the My Video section on your YouTube account.

With the feature, you can also record gaming video and to be honest this is one of the easiest ways to use screen recording feature.

You can also share the recorded video without any hassle. The video quality is 720p HD.

In brief

The above guide will guide you about how to record desktop screen using YouTube.

Don’t forget to resize your desktop window to the 16:9 ratio before hitting the broadcast button as it will give you an appropriate quality.