Steps To Fix Phone Not Allowed mm#6 Error In 2020

fix phone not allowed mm#6 error

Phone not allowed mm#6 Error: Currently, there will be the release of the latest smartphone in the market. This the reason, why several users are even aware of the names of many smartphones.

You have possibly come across the phone not allowed mm#6 error in case you have bought a used smartphone.

So, you should not worry as this guide provides you with the complete information regarding this Phone not allowed mm#6 Error and the specific ways to resolve this error.

In recent days, the overall market of the smartphone is fulfilled with expensive products. One of the best ways to get a better phone is to opt for the used phones.

Whenever you consider buying the used phones, you will come across some specific problems which pop up behind your screen.

What Is Meant By This Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error?

Whenever you receive your phone, first of all, you need to switch the SIM card. After that, you should make a call but, in case, you have come across an error message saying “Phone Not Allowed MM#6 Error”, then, before resolving it, you need to have an understanding of this.

These sorts of errors appear when you are trying to use a phone which is tethered to another carrier. This problem should be effectively solved by following the below-mentioned method.

Integral Steps Which Helps To Fix Phone Not Allowed mm#6 Error

phone not allowed mm6 Errors

Method 1: Contacting The Carrier

Primarily, you must contact the customer care executive as well as request them if you can move the lock or not. There is a possibility that this method can be unsuccessful.

But, in this regard, all that you need is to ask and do the overall process which is known as equipment switch. This helps to unlock your phone.

For unlocking the phone, you will be charged some fees. Also, the manufacturer is involved in giving important identification number to your smartphone.

As a result, you can track your device by making use of them. But, it is illegal to change those numbers and so, it is known to be the top way which helps to resolve Phone Not Allowed MM#6.

Method 2: Using Number

Now, the 2nd technique which can be used is to dial, for *#78# in the operation menu. To specifically disengage from the carrier, you can make use of the specific menu after unlocking your device.

This needs to be done when you change your SIM card and make use of your phone. In this regard, you should search for your smartphone phone brand.

So, the method for phone unlocking is quite easy. As a result, it can effectively solve the Phone Not Allowed MM#6 error.

Method 3: Checking Of The Blacklisted Phones

There are many of the phones which are blacklisted by the carriers. So, you should avoid insertion of the SIM whenever you get to see these errors such as:

  • Invalid MMI
  • Phone Not Allowed MM# or Invalid MM#2
  • Invalid MM#6 or Phone Not Allowed MM#6

So, all that you need is to effectively check for these sorts of errors.

Final Verdict

Thus, all of these methods are proved to be effective to fix Phone Not Allowed MM#6 error. Hope, you have found this article helpful.