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EZDrive MA is a Massachusetts online tolling program. Through this online system, people can pay their toll crimes either using or

With the advancement of technology, our life is becoming much better with every passing day. In earlier days, we have to stop near every toll booths to make payment of the tolls. It was consuming more fuel, causing traffic jams and, in some cases, accidents.

Now with EZDrive, things have become better and also very comfortable.

A brief about pay by plate MA

PayByPlate MA is a toll payment program where the license plate of the vehicle is identified, and then the tolls are charged.

The bill is then mailed to the registered buyer of the vehicle. The payment can be made either online or by depositing a cheque at any of the consumer service centres of EZDrive.

What is the EZ Pass MA?

EZpass MA transponders are entirely free and offer discounted tolls in Massachusetts. Making payment through E-ZPass MA involves the use of transponders fixed to the windshield after the rearview mirror.

A specific device declaims the transponders at every toll zones, and then the E-Zpass MA account is charged accordingly.

What are the features of paybyplatema?

  • You get access to this electronic toll payment option.
  • This is for Massachusetts people only.
  • Video images or photographs of vehicles along with license plates are utilized to charge toll transactions to any good authentic Pay by Plate MA account.

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What are the different payment options at

  • You can open the official site of PayByPlate MA at to make payment of all toll collection invoices.
  • The toll system makes use of out of state drivers along with them in-state drivers.
  • Keep a debit card or a credit card with you, or else your bank routing along with your account number of making online payment of the toll.
  • Do not access the pay By Plate service when you don’t have a payment form?
  • You can make payment through US mail. The mailing address is

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
EZDrive MA Payment processing centre, PO BOX 847870, MA 02284 – 7840.

You can also make payment manually by mailing a cheque to,
EZDrive MA customer service centre, PO BOX 8007, Auburn, MA 01501 – 8007

EZDrive MA customer help

If you are facing any general problems about any service about PayByPlate MA services, then you can send mail to EZDrive MA customer service centre, 27 Midstate Drive Auburn, MA 01501-1800.

You can also contact me through Fax at 508-786-5222.

Email address:



So, this was all about the options available at for making payments.